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Hello. My name is Tammy. I have spoken with Joyce McDowell several times starting over a year ago. I met up with her over the internet, don’t quit remember when or where. Here’s my story.

February 2003–I wanted to go off birth control to get pregnant. I was 34 years old. This wouldn’t be my first. Number 4. I went off the pills and started to take folic acid.

March 2003–My hair started to fall out in clumps. Not just 50 or so, but 100-200 per day. I have thin fine hair. So naturally it really started to show. Called my OB/GYN and he thought it was just from going off the pills, diet, shampoo reaction, you name it he thought it.

April 2003– I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (when the body doesn’t process the hormone insulin, which causes the pancreas not to work, which causes little cyst to form on the ovaries, then causes a high testosterone level, which cause adult acne, weight gain, no periods, and hair loss. The hair loss was the worst for me. The Dr. told me the treatment for this was to go back on birth control if I didn’t want to get pregnant or Glucophage 1500mg, if I wanted to get pregnant. Chances of getting pregnant with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is very slim. Most women never get pregnant and are in heartache over their health, appearance, and no children.

May 2003–I went on the birth control, because my number one goal was to get me healthy again. I wasn’t in bad shape, honestly. I weighed 172, 5 foot 2 inches. I started to eat more healthier, walked around 10 miles a week, but still wasn’t seeing any slowing of the hair loss. One night while surfing on the web, I ran across Joyce McDowell, might have been in a chat room, I am just not sure. Anyway, I talked to her about my problem and how I really wanted to have another baby. She recommended Coral Calcium, HSN, Folic Acid, A cleansing, and an herbal shampoo. I was skeptic at first but tried what she had suggested. She explained to me about toxins in the body and told me testimony of her own personal experience.

Summer 2003–I took the herbs faithfully, walked, watched my diet, and took my birth control. I researched and also started taking the herb Saw Palmeto. It is an herb that men take for the prostate; however, women with my condition, PCOS, take it to lower the testosterone levels. I began to lose weight doing all of the above. By August 2003, I had lost 30lbs. and my hair was growing back. HURRAY

August 2003-Went to my Dr. to talk about getting pregnant again. He said, to go off the birth control and on Glucophage 1500. However, he explained to me that it would be an act of God if I got pregnant. This is because most women don’t get pregnant with this condition. I still stayed on my herbs that Joyce had told me to take. She assured me that if I did get pregnant, that it wouldn’t cause any problems. I knew my chances were very slim, as the doctor didn’t make it look to promising. I made up my mind that if I didn’t get pregnant, that I needed to be thankful for the 3 children I already have.

September 2003–I continued with the herbs and kept in close contact with Joyce. She was so inspiring and caring towards my needs. Towards the middle of September, I realized my period was 3 days late. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, due to what the Dr. said. However, I broke down and went to CVS Pharmacy and bought 2 pregnancy tests. POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. It worked. I remember getting in the van and going to my husband’s work and telling him. I was so amazed.

I now have a 4-month-old baby boy. He is healthy and a blessing.

I want everyone to know that I contribute myself getting pregnant and losing weight to the herbs. I didn’t start to have changes in my health until I started the herbs. Thank you, Joyce, for being there that night I needed someone to help me. (I also need to mention that I was on Paxil, an anti-depressant, due to being so down about my appearance and hair loss.) After 3.5 months since I gave birth, I have started to have the hair loss again. My hormones are in such a mess. I have hot flashes, chills, wake up at nights shaking. Joyce gave me some more suggestions as to what to take to help me out. I know in my heart that it will work, combined with all else I do. I speak with Joyce even before my Dr., as she is what gave me a chance. She gave me the knowledge and help I needed.

The herbs work. I am not saying, don’t go to a Dr. What I am saying is research herbs, talk to people, try some. I learned more about my condition researching and talking to people, than what I ever did talking to my dr. The internet has so much to offer in knowledge. I have also found that Joyce McDowell is always faithful in answering questions and looking things up.

I am now at 163, wanting to get down in the 140’s. I will continue to take my herbs and never be without them. I believe my little baby is here today, because of them.


Samar Kahwaji

I met Joyce almost 12 years ago on a chat group called “Sick of being tired and sick”. I entered the group and heard the chat and it amazed me and I kept on going in for the next 8 years and heard, commented, discussed, learned information, wrote down a lot of information… and started my journey on healthy living. Joyce was my mentor, she was my wake up call to healthy living. I asked and she always replied with no hesitations. It was a great journey which I plan on keeping now after opening my own healthy center. I want to ripple the info and spread it out there. Joyce is the best. You have changed my life all over and my family too. You gave me all what I know today and I thank you for your great words and wisdom and I shall always treasure it in my heart. All the luck my teacher.

Your humble student,

Samar Kahwaji
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