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Joyce McDowell
Joyce McDowell
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Self-Wellness Through Sustainable Nutrition
Joyce McDowell’s path into natural health, herbs and holistic health began in 1995 when she became extremely ill.  She was living in Utah where she and her husband owned a trucking business. An incredibly good friend who also happened to be a medical doctor conducted a series of tests and along with a thoracic surgeon; they came to the conclusion that Joyce was into early onset of Alzheimer’s.

At that time, Joyce knew there was not any new treatment for this condition as her biological father had just passed away with the condition. Joyce chose not to be treated. When she shared her findings with her friends, they took her to an Iridologist who had an herbal shop. The Iridologist read Joyce’s eyes and told her the same things the medical profession had told her. She also said I had ovarian cancer. However, this herbalist started Joyce on a regiment of supplements that made her feel better immediately. Joyce was sold on the power of herbal healing.

Joyce spent as much time as she was allowed at her newfound friend’s herbal shop. This herbalist taught Joyce how to learn natural healing, the basic laws and how to distinguish between what is “snake oil, so to speak,” and what is actually healthy. Joyce was also taught how to read eyes (Iridology). She studied the works and research of Dr. Bernard Jensen’s, Dr. John Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. This is a book course on herbs, their preparations of herbal solutions. Joyce also studied the work and research of Louise Tenney, M. H. (Master Herbalist). Tenney has written many books on herbs, their history, healing properties, and conditions they can be used for to heal the body.

Joyce and husband closed their trucking company and moved to upstate New York to help care for her husband’s parents. She continued her study of herbs and natural health. She opened a chat room on Paltalk and for nine years was able to help people all over the world with their health concerns.  Joyce closed the Paltalk chat room after a costly upgrade for commercial room. During that time, her husband died, and Joyce began her journey to Austin to live with family.

Joyce joined Toastmasters to get out into the community and to develop her skills in presenting to build her business.

Joyce strongly believes the continued research and results of knowing how to live healthy is opening the doors to many about treating the body as a whole and not trying to segment a condition.

In 1979, the medical profession had told Joyce that she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 50. The fact that she is still alive, not on any medications, plus willing to teach others the secrets to longevity, in a healthy productive manner, says a lot. At 74, she is still mobile, happy, healthy, and looking to the future.

Excellence Award

June 1, 2016 – Certificate of Membership – as a member in good standing whose contributions support the primary functions of the International Iridology Practitioners Association and who endorse the goal of promoting a superior international Iridology standards.

January 4, 2016 – Received Certification of Achievement from the Southern Institute of Natural Health, for Iridology I & II

July 5, 2015 – Received Certification of Achievement from the Southern Institute of Natural Health, for Anatomy and Physiology.

September 2000 – Certificate of Achievement from Nature’s Sunshine as an Herb Specialist, Body Systems, Natural Healing and Lifestyle Analysis

February 22, 1996 – Received Certification in Dr. Bernard Jensen’s DC, Master Teaching Series II and Set III Series, “THE FUNDAMENTAL SIGNS IN BEGINING IRIDOLOGY.”


Exchange Park Toastmasters, Sergeant-at-Arms – 2014 – 2016
Exchange Park Toastmasters Member – 2014 – 2017
Exchange Park Toastmasters Member – Club Coach – 2020 – Present

Trellis Speaks Toastmasters – Club Coach – 2019 – 2020

TecToast Toastmasters – Club Coach – 2019 – 2020

TravTalk Toastmasters Member – 2017 – Present

District 55 Toastmasters, Area I-41 Assistant Director – 2015 – 2016

TravTalk Toastmasters, VP Membership – 2017 – 2019
TravTalk Toastmasters, President – 2018 – 2019
TravTalk Toastmasters, VP Education / Secretary – 2020 – Present

Completed Toastmasters Academics & High Performance Leadership – 2019 – 2020

Earned (DTM) Distinguished Toastmasters Award. – 2020

TravTalk Toastmasters Club #4418, Member – 2015 – Present

Toastmasters International – Exchange Park Club, Member – 2014 – Present

Certificates of Achievement & Letters of Recognition

Iridology (5)

1996 02 22 Iridology Certification 1996 jpeg
2016 01 04 Iridology I and II course 2016 jpeg
2016 02 19 IIPA Annual Symposium Feb 2016 jpeg
2016 06 01 IIPA Membership Cert. 2016
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Toastmasters (23)

2016 2 Management Skills
2016 6 2 Competent Communicator
2016 6 3 Toastmasters letter
2016 12 6 Competent Leader
2016 12 7 Toastmasters letter
2017 9 28 Advanced Leader Bronze
2017 9 29 Toastmasters letter
2018 3 15 Advanced Communicator Bronze
2018 3 16 Toastmasters letter
2018 3 19 Toastmasters letter
2018 9 18 Competent Leader
2018 9 24 Toastmasters letter
2018 9 26 Toastmasters letter
2019 6 Dynamic Leadership jpeg
2019 9 30 Toastmasters letter
2019 10 17 Advanced Communicator Silver
2019 10 17 Toastmasters letter
2020 2 14 Leadership Excellence
2020 2 14 Toastmasters letter
2020 4 26 Advanced Communicator Gold
2020 4 26 Toastmasters letter
2020 6 11 Distinguished Toastmaster plaque
2020 6 11 Toastmasters letter

Other Achievements (5)

2000 Business Character Award plaque
2000 Business Workshop Certificate of Achievement jpeg
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2015 Jul Anatomy and Physiology course jpeg
2015 Nov Anatomy and Physiology course jpeg

Trucking (3)

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