I meet Joyce 8 yrs. Ago, in an online chat room when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer stage 2b!

Had it not been for this woman I would not be here today! I literally owe her my life! Her genuine caring, compassion, and faith in natural healing is so compelling, you can do nothing but get well.

I had a double mastectomy and that was it. NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, and no reconstructive surgery. I followed her protocol to the letter, got the vitamins and minerals she recommended; did her colon cleanse, kidney & liver cleanse.

Her knowledge of natural cures is amazing! She didn’t just sell me a bag of goods either; she was there for me whenever I needed her, with kind words, and support! Your book: Old vs new: Using natural healing properly, was a great refresher too!

Thank you,  Joyce (Herbs46)

B. Durand, Maine   Sent from my iPad


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