These books and authors will get you started on the right learning track……

The Old Masters of the Healing Arts taught me. They did not teach me how to heal. They TAUGHT me how to learn to heal myself!

This is what I am willing to do with all those looking for answers. What you do with this knowledge is totally up to you.

Essential Reading

McDowell, Joyce. (2016). Old vs new: Using natural healing properly. Austin, TX: Kindle Direct Publishing. ASIN: B01LYSOB1N 


Clark, H. R. (1993). The cure for all cancers. San Diego, CA: New Century Press. ISBN-10: 1890035009


Clark, H. R. (1995). The cure for all diseases. San Diego, CA: New Century Press. ISBN-10: 1890035017


D’Adamo, P. (2002). Eat right 4 your type: Complete blood type encyclopedia. New York, NY: Berkley Books. ISBN-10: 039914255X


Jenson, B. J. (2008). Iridology: The science and practice in the healing arts, volume 2, 2nd Edition. Whitman Publications. ISBN-10: 188565300X


Tenney, L. (2000). Today’s herbal health: The essential reference guide, 5th Edition. Woodland Publishing. ISBN-10: 158540546


Wallach, J. S. (2004). Dead doctors don’t lie, 2nd Edition. Chula Vista, CA: Wellness Publications. ISBN-10: 0974858102


Recommended Reading: Herbs


Christopher, J. R. (2009). School of natural healing. Denver, CO: Nutri-Books/Royal Publications, Inc. ISBN-10: 1879436019

Ritchason, J. (1996). Olive leaf extract. Salt Lake City, UT: Woodland Publishing, Inc. ISBN-10: 1580540570

Udall, K. G. (1997). Nature’s antibiotics. Salt Lake City, UT: Woodland Publishing, Inc. ASIN: B015K3ENQI

There are hundreds of books out there. When I started there were a few books, I found at the library. These books give you the basics to build more knowledge. Take notice of how nature works without human interference. That is our guide on how our bodies work within the recycling earth environment.

I have been using and studying this way of life for over 17 years. I have helped many succeed through a chat room for years. Start blogging with me soon, where you will be able to ask questions. Get individual help on your way to good health again. Additionally, you can contact me through email.

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